Fotohändelser på Hultängen's / Events pictures from Hultängen's
Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

Photos from the show in Sundsvall, October 9 to 10

Hultängen's Vera Wang and Anna Mattsson

BOB and BOS for the adult dogs

IntUvCh, SUvCh, NUvCh
Hultängen's Ricky Martin BIS 2 veteran

Three siblings (7 ½ months old) from the right Hultängen's Vincent van Gogh, Hult Hultängen's Vera Wang and Hult Hultängen's Verona

BIS puppy at the show Hultängen's Vera Wang

Hultängen's Verona

Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

Hultängen's Vincent van Gogh (10 weeks old)
playing with his human sister
Mikaela ( 7 month old)

Ingen plats är för liten bara vi är tillsammans ///
No place is too small only we be together

A sunny day in April with the puppies



I love my mom soooooo much

January pictures

Roadsend Bedazzled
Breeder : Lill Addy
Owner & Co owner : Lill Addy & Christina Björklund


















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