Fotohändelser på Hultängen's / Events pictures from Hultängen's
Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

Loppan med ett av sina 11 små barn som här visar äkta moders kärlek
Loppan with one of their 11 small children who show genuine mother's love

Owner & Breeder Lill Addy at Roade Ends Kennel

Some images from the exhibition where Norrbottens most beautiful dog 08 would be elected.
Tess (Dina of Hultängen's) were directly qualified for this contest
It was 40 dogs in the finale game show, and Tess came in 7th place

Tess and her Co-owner Heidi in our

In our caravan

The catwalk befor the final

Tess Co-owner Rolf waiting for the final

En the winner Of Norrbottens most beautiful dog 08
Goes to
Old Budda´s Cosmos Kramer

Owner and breeder : Maria Sundström, Sweden
(She is a good friend to me)


Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

One of my favorite girl

Today, Oktober 23, have I the honor to be the midwife on Roads End kennel
when their female Loppan giving birth to 8 girls and 3 boys.
Hug Loppan ... you did it so well and I am very proud of you


Månadens bild / Pictures of the month

When "Nelson "have exercise, must he think of beauty sleep

A pleasant autumn day in September,
together with my friends and all the dogs

Linslusen Heidi :-)))))

Kaxa vill ha godis o då sitter man så här fint

Photos from our holiday with our caravan in mid-August

Hultängen's Ricky Martin
in Östersund

Hultängen's Quasimodo "Beppo" Still going strong in a age of 7 years old

Marcus, Göran and Space, sitting in the sunshine behind our caravan

My son Jerry and his little puppy dog Trojja


Ida ( Jerrys girlfriend) and the dogs trying agillity

Dina of Hultängen's father AC- Bastian from Norway


Photos from Gumboda country festival july 3 to 5th

Patty and Space

Space are very tierd

and so is Patty

Peacemaker's western show


Some photos from the Swedish kennelclub all breed dogshow in Vännes June 14th

Photo from the grillparty the evening befor the show. On the photo my best friend Lill & Len Addy from the Road Ends kennel

My friend Lill Addy get Best of Breed with her male
Nord, IntUch Friend Makers Young Master Casino " Ruben"

Lill Addy with her owne breed young female
Sweet Saints Classic Emotion " Lycka"
She get CAC at the show

I have also the honour to get invite to judge the
Great Dane coulor show at the same day as the Swedish kennel
all breed dog show

Best in Show ( fawn)
Chic Carelia´s Beulah
owner: Anna & Harry Majaniemi, Bygdeå

Best in Show 2 ( brindel)
SUCh Loretta´s Nightmare Chihuahua
owner & breeder: Maria Stenberg, Råneå

Best in Show 3 (blue)
Boarhunters Vilma
owner: Margareta Gad, Härnösand

Best in Show 4 ( Harlekin )
Kingsize Irregular Image
owner: Kristina torsell, Kåge

Best in Show 5 ( black)
Grand Negros Ylg
owner: Karina Halvarsson, Kovland


My son Jerry and his girlfriend Idas new family member.
This little puppiegirl is happy ,love the life and are full of energi
Good Luck with her


När husse är borta myser Tess i sängen :-) Så stackar husse har nog ingen
sänghalva när han kommer hem


March 12th visit we Dina of Hultängne's " Tess" and her new CO-owner
Heidi and Rolf Forssell. Dina love and are very happy in her new home as you can see at
the photos

A lovely sunny day walking with the dogs in the skerries of Luleå

February 2008

The winter is still here in the NorthPart of Sweden

Månadens bild / Pictures of the month
" Oscar"

Owner & Breeder : Maria Sundström, Old Buddas kennel in Roknäs, Sweden
She is a friend to me

Events pictures from Hultängen's 2007

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